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 by Harriet May Savitz



Harriet May Savitz is a mother, grandmother, widow, community activist, cancer survivor, pet lover, and, above all, a perceptive, caring writer with 21 books for young adults to her credit. Now, in these essays, she invites you to share her experiences…of family, illness, trauma, loneliness, connections, optimism, and the wonder of every day in a crisp, inspiring voice. In her essays, you may read a bit of your own life.   Richard S. Lee, Author

Harriet Savitz is also the author of groundbreaking books about the disabled for young adults.  Three of her books, Run, Don't WalkThe Lionhearted, and On the Move  have been reissued and are now available through    For more information.




 Poems by Therese Halscheid

Therese Halscheid is a Pushcart Prize nominee and writer-In-Residence for New Jersey Council on the Arts.

Ms.  Halscheid lives a nomadic life in spirit and often in physical circumstances that leaves her free to be part of all places and to connect with new circumstances in a deep, intentional way. From her travels come the poems that speak to our own longing for a soul connection with the earth, its inhabitants, and all that is. 

                       Ferida Wolff, Author/Poet




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