LISTENING OUTSIDE LISTENING INSIDE by Ferida Wolff is an invitation to discover new ways of listening to our inner wisdom and connecting with that part of ourselves that knows who we really are.

Told in warm, compassionate stories, this book goes beyond the systems to offer a broader understanding of the interconnectedness within the Universe. It is a call to pay attention to the stories that affect our lives and to trust our inner sense of truth.

Author Ferida Wolff has been exploring the inner terrain of self for almost thirty years. As a Yoga teacher, she taught her students to focus on their inner truth. She has an MS in Education and is certified in Holistic Studies. She is the author of fourteen books for children, many on themes that encourage seeing the world and ourselves in new ways.


"Ferida Wolff  listens to the sounds of the Universe and reminds us with passion, with wisdom and with insight that we might listen also and benefit greatly."

Harriet May Savitz, Author of Growing Up at 62

"The stories are to the point. There is a lot to think about. We say awareness, you say listening; it is the same thing."

Master William Ting, Tai Chi and Bagua 


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