When I started menopause, I thought it was something I would just have to bear stoically, as generations of women have in the past. But one night, as an ocean of sweat washed over my body and my husband considered wearing scuba gear to bed, an alternate persona emerged who wasn’t at all stoic. She declared herself SWAMP WOMAN and let everyone know that she was not in the least inclined to stay in the background of life.

Swamp Woman insisted I write out her interface with society in a series of essays that have become the book, THE ADVENTURES OF SWAMP WOMAN, which she considers a conversation with her menopause sisters.

Swamp Woman talks back to menopause. She says, "Biology is not destiny – it is opportunity! The opportunity to look at life through new eyes." She is mature and sassy and not afraid to laugh at herself. She knows there is a need for acknowledgement, understanding and most of all honesty about this major change in women’s lives. She brings meaning and insight into this dramatic but natural transition that only women experience, one that comes to us all whether rich or poor, educated or not, whether we dread it or look forward to it, and helps us face this new leg of our journey with joy, awareness and often fun.


Do you know?

There are nearly 32 million menopausal women today.

 By the year 2020, there will be an estimated 45 million of us.







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