A Workshop For Maturing Women

In this uncertain world, there is one thing we can count on: life changes. We mature from girls to women to crones. During that process, we learn a lot about life and even more about living. As we come to understand ourselves, we become powerful beings in our own right and valuable resources to those around us.


helps us recognize and appreciate who

we are even as we are constantly changing.


What will we do?

We’ll talk. We’ll share our stories, our successes, our inconsistencies and fears, in an accepting atmosphere. We’ll learn techniques to help us deal with stress, with self-esteem and body image issues, with the natural physical changes that occur along the way and change in general.

What should we bring?

Bring an open mind and a giving heart. Bring a willingness to re-evaluate where we are and where we might be going and to examine changing perspectives.

How long is the workshop?

A LIFE CHANGES workshop usually lasts one-and-a-half hours. Part of it is talking. Part of it is experiencing. All of it is discovering who we are at any particular stage in life.

Facilitator Ferida Wolff has an MS in Education and a certificate in Holistic Studies. She was both Yoga student and teacher for 26 years and leads meditation workshops. She is the author of LISTENING OUTSIDE LISTENING INSIDE, a book of inspirational stories about listening to the inner messages we all receive. She has contributed stories to the Chicken Soup For the Soul series and the book Heartstrings and Family Ties: Creating Loving, Lasting, Intergenerational Bonds. She is also the author of 17 books for children.

Workshop fee: $35/person    Includes an autographed copy of 

                                                        LISTENING OUTSIDE LISTENING INSIDE

To arrange for a LIFE CHANGES workshop for your group, contact Ferida Wolff at (856) 424-0157 or online at


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