From Idea to Publication

How does a book become a book? Where do ideas come from? Why does a book take so long to be published? Here is a program that answers those questions and more as it takes students step-by-step through the book publishing process, showing the various stages that are involved in getting an idea to developing it to following it through to publication. Appropriate for audiences of all ages, it shows how to:

4 Use our writer's tools to generate ideas

? Develop ideas into stories


JJ Work together with the editor


& Take a book through all its stages


Each 40-45 minute presentation allows time for questions and for reading a picture book.

Programs can be customized for particular audiences, ages and group needs.

Ferida Wolff is the author of 17 books for children including picture books, novels, activity books, joke books and easy readers. She has an MS in Education, taught pre-school through sixth grade, and has appeared on cable television and at writers’ conferences to discuss books and writing.

To arrange for an Author Visit please contact Ferida Wolff at or call 856-424-0157.


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