FAQ For Teachers About

An Author Visit


What do you charge for an author visit?

My fee for a whole day is $1,000. I will come out for a half day for $600 if your school is within an hourís drive.

Will you travel?

Yes, but I ask that you provide overnight motel accommodations for the night before for anything over two hours away. Also, please provide travel expenses as needed. 

Do you do multi-day programs?

I do. I will happily plan a two or more day program for your school. Or if your district prefers, I will do one-day programs for two or more schools or any combination of whole and half days that will help you make the best use of my time. As long as you can get me to the locations, I am willing to go. I also do teacher workshops on storytelling and literacy that you might like to include in your planning.

How many presentations will you be willing to make in one day?

I usually do two morning and two afternoon programs, but I will work with you to present the most appropriate program for your children.

How long is your program?

Each session is about 45 minutes long, with kindergarten about 20-30 minutes.

What size groups do you prefer?

I prefer three to five class groups in the media center. I will do auditorium programs but I think the children get more out of the smaller groups.

Where is the best place to present your program?

A classroom is fine for individual classes. The media center is usually a good place for several classes.

Do you need special equipment?

Nothing special, just large paper and markers.

Do you require that we sell your books?

I do not require that but it is exciting for children to have books personally signed by the author.

How can we get your books to sell?

Books can be ordered from the publishers. There is usually a 40% school discount. Books need to be ordered a month in advance to insure their timely arrival. I suggest that you order a few extra as there are usually some last minute orders from children or teachers. Extras can be returned to the publisher. I have a limited number of out-of-print books that I can bring. I will send you a credit sheet indicating availability.

What do we need to do to make your visit a success?

Please read one or more of my books to the children. Allow children to write down any questions they may have about writing in general or me in particular. If we decide on a particular focus for my program, I will suggest possible activities.

What if we have more questions before we commit ourselves to a visit?

Please contact me. I can be reached at FeridaWolff@msn.com  by phone (856) 424-0157 or by  mail at 21 Candlewyck Way, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003.


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