A Year for Kiko

by Ferida Wolff

Kiko picks June strawberries.

One fat berry for the basket.

Many fat berries for Kiko.

Inside they become Kikoberries.


What delights you about the seasons? Celebrate the months of the year with Kiko as she draws smiles to melt a frosted February window, eats June Kikoberries, and sings in a September chorus of crickets, squirrels and honking geese.


This gentle romp through the months of the year has an unassuming charm…Four short sentences for each month give seasonal details as the little girl delights in her changing environment. The Bulletin

Each of 12 spreads celebrates a month as experienced by Kiko…The short pieces of text are simple and childlike…These unexpected poetic notions make the book special – and more than a vehicle for showing the seasons. Kirkus Reviews


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