Learn to create an environment of stillness and focus in this three-hour workshop. Tune out the static that interferes with our thoughts and causes confusion in our lives and tune into the peaceful center from where our inner truth speaks to us.


z Learn to Cultivate Stillness z

For the first part of the workshop, we work on relaxing the body, resting the emotions and slowing the mind through a series of holistic exercises and breathing practices. These are easy to do and accessible to everyone.

z Listen to Your Inner Truth z

In the second part of the workshop, we turn to centering ourselves and focusing the relaxed body/mind through a series of mini-meditations and active listening.


Participants are requested to bring a mat or large towel as we will be working on the floor and to wear comfortable clothing for stretching.

Facilitator: Ferida Wolff, MS, Certificate in Holistic Studies, author of the book Listening Outside Listening Inside, student and teacher of Hatha Yoga for 26 years, lecturer.

Workshop fee: $45

To arrange a workshop for your friends or organization please contact Ferida Wolff at or call (856) 424-0157.



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