Who says getting ready for Halloween has to be a fright? Whether you want to go scary or glamorous, there’s an original costume idea for you here. Play ghoulish games and enjoy Cauldron Cocoa while you plan your Haunted House Carnival. Simple instructions help you and your friends to do it all yourselves. Happy Haunting!


About the book:

"From ghoulish games to ghastly riddles, this paperback contains a lot of simple ideas to make your Halloween party a horrific success." Los Angeles Times

"This holiday handbook covers everything you’ll need for a Halloween bash. The focus is on fun though, not fear…There are awesome decorating ideas (I can’t wait to make a pair of hairy hands) and standard games are given a spooky twist." MetroParent

"There’s no trick to Halloween Fun for Everyone…There are creepy costumes, eerie eats, ghoulish games and the history of Halloween outlined just enough so that young readers will understand the background of trick or treat night…One of the book’s clever ideas is a Haunted House carnival…That chapter lists everything kids need to do before Oct. 31 to have a fun night with their friends – and that certainly should help parents deal with the favorite question kids ask before every holiday: How many days is it…?"  The Star, Chicago

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