A Mini-Meditation Workshop

For Bookstores, Organizations, Health Fairs and Holistic Groups


In our technological world

we tend to rely on machines for our information.

But we are receivers in our own right if we allow ourselves

to tune into our inner messages.

This 1 hour workshop

offers simple practices for developing

the inner stillness that is necessary

for accessing our inner wisdom.


Ferida Wolff has been exploring the terrain of self for thirty years. She has an MS in Education and a certificate in Holistic Studies. As a teacher of Yoga, she helped her students focus on and access their inner truth. She is the author of fourteen books for children, many on themes that encourage seeing our world in new ways, and of the adult inspirational book LISTENING OUTSIDE LISTENING INSIDE, which is a collection of warm, compassionate stories that help readers uncover ways of listening to their higher selves.

The workshop can be adapted for individual needs.

Fee: $350

To arrange for a TUNING IN workshop, contact Ferida Wolff at feridawolff@msn.com or call (856) 424-0157


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