Milly makes seven loaves of bread each morning to share with everyone around the farm.  Rose only works as hard as she has to.  What will happen to the farm when Milly gets sick and it is up to Rose to make the bread?

From the author:

One day, a title popped into my mind. It was Seven Loaves of Bread. I wondered why anyone, other than a baker, would make seven loaves of bread at one time. That sent me into the world of Milly and Rose, and how everything  is connected on a  farm. I find it often happens this way with my writing – a title, a character, a name, a situation will set me on the road of creating a new book. Where the road will end is a mystery when I begin but it usually proves to be an interesting journey.


From the reviewers:

"Here is a delightful cumulative tale that has all the trappings of a traditional folktale but is, in fact, a well-crafted original story…Wolff’s characters and plot are fresh and funny. There is an enviable cohesion between author and illustrator in this happy book."    * School Library Journal