Excerpt from 


By Ferida Wolff

Aa See the AMBULANCE with its lights flashing and sirens blaring. It is taking someone to the hospital. Move out of the way! It has to get through.

Bb See the people waiting at the BUS STOP on the corner. The bus carries people all around the city.

Cc See CITY HALL. That is where the mayor and his staff work. Their job is to make the city a good place for people to live in.

Dd See the man and his DOG walking down the street. There are dog laws in the city. Dogs must have a collar and be on a leash. Their owners must clean up after them. The laws help to keep the people who live here safe and the city clean.


Vv See the colorful VEGETABLE STAND. Purple eggplants. Red peppers. Bright green broccoli and zingy yellow squash. It looks like a box of crayons.

Ww There are WORDS, WORDS everywhere. See the words on the stores and on the street signs, on buildings and on packages. Some words we can see. Some we can hear. Words come in many languages and sometimes in different alphabets in the city.